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What is the Experiment?

Thread Experiment is the first ever brand of home bedding dedicated to men. We are 3 totally different guys who come from 3 totally different backgrounds.

But we all share one thing in common – none of us could ever find a bedding brand that appeals to us. And as it turns out, we weren’t alone. So we embarked on an experiment to find out if men care about their bedding.

This is our story.

Guy 1
Greg Shugar

Greg is the co-founder of The Tie Bar, now one of the largest men’s accessories retailers in the world. The Tie Bar was acquired in 2013 by some big shot private equity firm, leaving Greg to focus on his tennis game which was in desperate need of improvement anyway.

Guy 2
Justin Mikita

Justin is the co-founder of Tie The Knot, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to helping legalize marriage equality throughout the world. Just about everyone who lives in the metro Los Angeles area follows Justin on Instagram and 90% of those people fawn over Justin’s eyebrows.


The Conversation

Greg and Justin met in 2012 when Justin and his husband (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) decided they wanted to launch their own line of bow ties. Justin and Greg spoke by phone just once and immediately knew they’d make great business partners. Together they created Tie The Knot’s first ever bow tie collection. To this present day, Tie The Knot continues to flourish and has spawned into a nifty brand of bow ties. The best part is, all of the proceeds go to organizations funding the fight for marriage equality throughout the nation.

One day, Greg was walking through the largest menswear clothing tradeshow in the world when something hit him – as much as the fashion world has evolved in menswear, that evolution has yet to extend to the bedroom. Bedding, he observed, remained focused only on the female consumer.

After some quick research, Greg realized that about 50% of the population is male with a 100% likelihood that it would remain this way for years to come.

So Greg called Justin. Justin, who was probably taking a selfie somewhere along the Pacific Ocean, confirmed his own frustrations in shopping experiences for bedding. Ten minutes later, the concept of Thread Experiment was born.


Guy 3
Greg Winner

Resident “smart guy” who keeps Guy 1 and Guy 2 in check.

Justin and Greg, two creative-types with no financial discipline, needed a brain to work with them. So they called long-time friend Greg Winner (yes, another Greg. Very confusing, we know.) Greg Winner said he’d handle operations and anything else that requires a math education beyond pre-algebra.

Thanks for reading. That took longer than I expected.

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