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Our Products

We travelled the world to find a manufacturing partner we loved. And we did. We’re proud to tell you a little more about them.

Our factory has been manufacturing bedding for almost 40 years. It’s fully vertically integrated, which means it spins, weaves, dyes, prints, and cuts and sews all of our products in a state of the art facility located in the thriving province of Shandong in China, where most of the world’s cotton is now grown.

Our products go through several rounds of quality control to ensure that they arrive to you without defect and of great quality. All of our 100% cotton sheets, as well as our duvets and comforters, are made with 300 thread counts of percale cotton. Our linen/cotton blends share a mix of 55% linen and 45% cotton.

Yes, there is bedding out there with 1,000 thread counts. But the truth is, the bedding industry has already exposed this as a bunch of marketing nonsense. With quality cotton (which we use), 300 thread count bedding is all you need. And all you should pay for. In fact, our 300 thread count cotton sheets don’t just look great – they feel great too.

Inspired by the world of menswear, our Creative Director Justin Mikita, designed all our bedspreads and sheets. You can shop them here.

We hope you love his work as much as we do.

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