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Give in Your Sleep

Buy one from us - We’ll donate one for you

We believe all businesses carry a social responsibility.

So with every full set of bedding you purchase, Thread Experiment will help a person in need.

While our primary mission is to make sure your bedroom looks as good as you, we also see millions of people around the world who continue to struggle financially and in some cases, live in homeless shelters.

As a result, Thread Experiment will donate one full set of bedding to a homeless shelter or other qualifying housing charity for every full set of bedding you buy from us.

Four times per year, we will update our website with photos and stories about some of the lives that you, our customers, have changed by purchasing your bedding from Thread Experiment. Because giving feels best when you can see the results of your generosity.

If you are a shelter or other emergency assistance organization interested in being the recipient of one of our quarterly giving campaigns, email us at give@threadexperiment.com.

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