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Würkin Stiffs

July 31, 2015


His Intro

Featured on Season 2 of Shark Tank, Würkin Stiffs started from an idea of buttoning down collars that do not have buttons. Instantly, while getting dressed in the mirror, designer Jonathan Boos, invented the patented Magnetic Collar Stay. Not only does it solve a widespread collar epidemic (literally), they take shirt collars from looking like they were out of the 70’s, and make them adjustable and manageable for today's Modern Man.

His Inspiration

"I'm inspired by smart packaging in which makes you feel guilty if you throw it away. For men, it's the little things that make products great and a brand unforgettable."

His Winners

Our Power Stays (magnetic collar stays) are the most popular and were my first product I designed and invented for the brand.

His Faves

"Our RFID Leather Wallets have really exploded. They're an Italian leather, beautifully french-seamed constructed, and truly last the test of time. We get rave reviews on our wallets with men come back buying more than one style. Oh, by the way, they protect your identity from digital hi-jackers too!"


His Bedding

I'm married... So, I frolic in shabby-chic, fru-fru bedding in which questions my masculinity (and, I need all I can get). I  love Thread Experiment's Spark bedding. Then, I may muster up the Tarzan Cry in the bedroom, instead of actually crying.

His Plug

Check out Würkin Stiffs current line of products at www.wurkinstiffs.com