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Thread Experiment takes aim at masculine top-of-bed fashions

February 8, 2016

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The designs embrace seasonal interpretations of menswear fashion trends and will include five original duvet covers and comforters, as well as two new sheet sets. Staple menswear prints, like gingham, unite with masculine colors for the spring/summer 2016 collection.

“The styles were chosen and inspired by the vibrant texture and patterns that are consuming the menswear world right now,” said Justin Mikita, one of the company’s co-founders. “Also, because I’m a SoCal kid, I can’t help but be inspired by the coast of California and the gorgeous sprawling deserts of Palm Springs. I’ve combined all of those elements to create the collection, which I think is a spot on representation of a menswear bedroom.”

Sizing runs from twin through California king and is manufactured using only natural fabrics. The collection will be available in 100% pure long-staple cotton, which is known for its crisp finish, softness and durability. Pricing begins at $98 for sheets, $138 for duvet covers and $168 for comforters.

The lifestyle brand will celebrate its one-year anniversary in May, which will make the upcoming collection the third for the company.

Thread Experiment was co-founded in spring 2015 by Greg Shugar, Mikita and Greg Winner. Shugar founded direct-to-consumer brand The Tie Bar, which is known for its men’s necktie fashions, while Mikita created Tie the Knot, a direct-to-consumer bowtie channel.

This experience led the two to team with Winner, who handles operations and finances, to create another direct-to-consumer brand aimed at the top-of-bed channel.

“Direct-to-consumer allows us to better control our brand and its marketing,” Shugar said. “Since no one has ever even marketed to men before, we wanted to be the first and create that message ourselves. Of course, the higher margins are always more attractive, too. Having said that, we've met with buyers at some of the major retailers and we're discussing a curated launch of our collection in one of them.”

Shugar said there’s a noticeable gap in top-of-bed styles that appeal to masculine sensibilities, which led the trio into this business.

“There's no doubt that most stores — whether they be department stores, big box or independent shops — not only lack masculine bedding but they're not even trying to speak to the male consumer,” Shugar said. “By 'masculine,’ we mean top-of-the-bed designs with more muted colors and with a great focus on traditional menswear prints. We feel men have never been interested in bedding before because the bright colorful brocades and ornate medallions you tend to see don't inspire them to care or cater to their male sensibilities.”