April 9, 2016


Their intro

Founded by Jonathan Eppers in 2013, RadPad is one of the largest rental marketplaces in the U.S. We help renters find an apartment, find a roommate, apply to their apartment, sign their lease and pay rent with literally, one click using our mobile app or website.

Their biggest creative inspiration

For some reason I do my best thinking when I’m not at work. Often times it’s when I’m away from all the noise in a place like an airplane. There’s something about being up at 32,000 feet that allows my brain to wonder new and inspiring directions.

Their must read daily news source

I read The Drudge Report every day.

Their design aesthetic at home

Minimal. I don’t like a lot of things because I find it interferes with my ability to think freely. 

Their favorite ThreadEx bedspread

I’m a big fan of the Watchdogs duvet cover. I love that it’s simple & clean but distinctively masculine.

Their plug

Their app can be found on iOS or Android. Or check them out on the web at onradpad.com.

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