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November 10, 2015


Their Intro
Launched in 2013, Paul Evans sells luxury footwear handcrafted in Naples, Italy, directly to customers around the globe.

Their biggest creative inspiration
Our biggest creative inspiration is the total lack of creativity in men’s dress shoes in the U.S. The same staid styles from the same few brands appears in department stores every season, and so far, Americans haven’t demanded more, unfortunately. Not only should guys who already care about shoes consider us a legitimate contender to traditional luxury brands, but we are constantly trying to educate the guy who doesn’t yet care about his shoes as to how far an investment in his footwear will increase returns across his entire wardrobe (can you tell we used to work in finance?).

Their winners
The Martin wholecut oxford in Marrone. Elegance through simplicity.

Their faves
We did some suede hassle loafers dubbed the Chaplin, in gun metal, black, navy and brown. They looked amazing in pictures and got a ton of attention when we did pop ups shops, but they just didn’t fly off the shelves. They might have been a little too out there for the average guy. We are determined to bring them back at some point.

Their bedding
Thread Experiment's Fall Herringbone goes well with the distressed wood furniture in Ben’s East Village studio. Bachelor pro tip: all the small lines hide small… blemishes.

Their plug
Check out their current line at www.paulevansny.com.