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How a Man Lasts Longer in Bed

December 8, 2015

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The modern man’s modern dilemma:

You let her make the first move (h/t Bumble), you charm her with a few Master of None quotes, but when you step into your chambers for the ol’ Paphian jig … style-deficient, unkempt sheets.

Pause right there, Casanova.

What you need is the Thread Experiment, the new online retailer with roots in Chicago selling stylish, masculine bedding for your sheep-counting pleasure.

Luxury Modern Bedding

Established by Greg Shugar — who in 2004 founded Tie Bar —  Thread Experiment is all about “moving menswear off the suit and onto the bed.” What that means: dapper glenplaidsherringbones and paisleys instead of overly femme pastels with lace trim or ho-hum white linens. Thread Experiment peddles in the middle ground.

And their sheets are cozy as they are stylish, built with 300-count cotton percale, a crisp fabric that’s cool to the touch but also one of the most durable materials in the bed-setting game.

300 Count Cotten Sheets

Start with your base layer sheets. General rule of thumb: keep it simple. We suggest sticking to classic colors, like one from Thread Experiment’s Washed Solids. Charcoal is easy on the eyes.

Creativity and personality comes by way of every layer thereafter. Go with a comforter or duvet that speaks to the rest of your abode. Something neutral like the Ivory Tooth for a toned-down option, or the Southwest-inspired ABQ if you’re feeling adventurous.

Sweet dreams.