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Hook and Albert

August 31, 2015

hook and albert

Their Intro

Co-founders Adam Schoenberg and Cory Rosenberg were, and continue to be, inspired by the legacy of men’s fashion, which is why they founded Hook & Albert, a handsome - and intelligent - line of men’s accessories. 

What truly distinguishes Hook & Albert is the brand’s attention to detail and product innovation. The brand offers head-to-toe solutions for any man eager to step up his style and stand out amongst the rest. There’s a sleek thoughtfulness of each item that appeals to the minimalists. Color and quirkiness that appeals to the tastemakers. An inventiveness that appeals to the forward-thinkers.

Their Inspiration

We are inspired by fit, function, fashion, and the “wow” factor. Everything we do from a design perspective is done looking through the windshield, never by looking in the rearview mirror. We love innovating, inventing, and all things awesome. 

Their Winners

Our Garment Weekender Bag is by far one of our favorite pieces, as it solves a problem for us. As “sprint” travelers, it allows us to pack everything into one, sexy ass bag. 

Their Faves

Did you know your feet have over 250,000 sweat glands? We did, which is why our line of athletic inspired dress socks are our go to item. The Peruvian Pima cotton, along with arch support band, make being on your feet all day enjoyable. 


Their Bedding

Cory – Being married, I needed something that my wife also enjoys tucking herself into, which is why The Shugar is on our bed. 

Adam – We have an ultra modern weekend house. My favorite room in the house is the guest suite, where the Watchdogs comforter is the focal point. We build the room around the bedding. 

Their Plug

There is a reason celebrities and today’s top brands tap this duo for collaborations….Check out their new collection at www.hookandalbert.com.