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Decorating as a couple: A recipe for the perfect bedroom for two

March 1, 2016

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Greg Shugar was on a mission.

"It might be odd, for a straight married man," he says, "but I was in charge of decorating our house." Shugar, the Chicago-based founder of The Tie Bar, a men's accessories company which he sold in 2013, didn't have much experience with interior design. But his wife, he says, trusted him to have a good eye and a knack with fabrics. And after selling his company, he had a little time to spare. So he got the job.

The biggest obstacle he encountered? The bedroom. "I started shopping for bedding," he says, "and everything was floral. And ... turquoise. I mean, I don't need cowboy hats on my bed, but I'm a man. I don't want to look at flowers every day. I just want something that appeals to my masculine aesthetic."

He's not alone in that. The bedroom, it turns out, is an all-too-common stumbling block for couples trying to decorate together. Balancing the needs, wants and style sensibilities of two people in the most personal space in the house can be a delicate business. "There just needs to be some compromise," says Shugar, who launched a new bedding company, The Thread Experiment, based on that revelation. With an aesthetic drawn from the way a stylish man might dress, he's aiming for gender neutrality in bedding — and trying to end that stalemate for couples shopping for sheets. We say why stop there? We've pulled together a recipe for a room of your own — one that suits both of you to a T.