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David Hart Wants You to Upgrade Your Sheets

March 7, 2016

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You know how to dress yourself. You're getting better at shaving, using hair products, and even doing squats. But your apartment, to be honest, still kinda looks like a dorm room. This is the next frontier, and BNMDA 2015 honoree David Hart wants to help you navigate it with his brand new 100% cotton collection of sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. The stylish linens, launching today, are designed exclusively for Thread Experiment, an online marketplace of bedding curated just for men. We caught up with Hart to talk about his inspiration, pattern mixing, and what kind of sheets he loves to sleep on. 

What inspired you?

"I looked back at some of my favorite patterns from past collections and put together this great Southwestern themed sheet set and then another set that's nautical inspired. I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, right by the Naval Academy and I grew up being on the water a lot where people were sailing all the time. So I love that type of iconography of the anchor and I thought it would be great as a sheet set. The pillow cases are an abstract stylized version of waves or water, and the two play off each other so well. I'm also very interested in the American Southwest, so I wanted to capture that as well. I haven't spent much time in the Southwest, so this is kind of a fantasy of what it's like there. I probably need to take another trip there soon." 

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