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  1. RadPad

    April 9, 2016

    Their intro

    Founded by Jonathan Eppers in 2013, RadPad is one of the largest rental marketplaces in the U.S. We help renters find an apartment, find a roommate, apply to their apartment, sign their lease and pay rent with literally, one click using our mobile app or website.

    Their biggest creative inspiration

    For some reason I do my best thinking when I’m not at work. Often times it’s when I’m away from all the noise in a place like an airplane. There’s something about being up at 32,000 feet that allows my brain to wonder new and inspiring directions.

    Their must read daily news source

    I read The Drudge Report every day.

    Their design aesthetic at home

    Minimal. I don’t like a lot of things because I find it interferes with my ability to think freely. 

    Their favorite ThreadEx bedspread

    I’m a big fan of the Watchdogs duvet cover. I love that it’s simple & clean but distinctively masculine.

    Their plug

    Their app can be found on iOS or Android. Or check them out on the web at onradpad.com.

  2. Apt2B

    November 23, 2015

    Their Intro
    Wanting to bridge the gap between IKEA and Design Within Reach, Mat Herman and Alex Back created the perfect solution by launching Apt2B, an online store for affordable and stylish furniture and home decor. Mat says: “We felt like there was a huge need in the marketplace because we were going through this furniture dilemma ourselves. We were too old for IKEA and although we had the taste and desire for DWR, we didn’t have the budget. We set out to build a furniture and décor company where we weren’t compromising taste and quality for affordability.”

    Their Inspiration
    Mark Cuban. We were on Shark Tank about three years ago. We didn’t get a deal and in fact the episode never even aired, but ever since that experience we have been driven to prove the “Sharks” wrong, especially Mr. Cuban. We’re now doing better than ever!

    Their Winners
    We really pride ourselves on our sofa collections, which are all handmade in Los Angeles. Currently, the Logan, Monroe, Lawson, and Pacific are our customer favorites. They all have that Mid-Century look that is hot right now but are also classic enough to endure the staying power of any trends.

    Their Faves
    The Cooper Bed. We’re both extremely proud of this piece. We worked exclusively with designer Kyle Schuneman to bring this bed to life and Mat couldn’t stop fawning over it. He called dibs on it during the photo shoot and had the truck follow him home straight to his bedroom.


    Their plug
    Check out their entire collection of modern furniture at www.apt2b.com


    November 10, 2015

    Their Intro
    Launched in 2013, Paul Evans sells luxury footwear handcrafted in Naples, Italy, directly to customers around the globe.

    Their biggest creative inspiration
    Our biggest creative inspiration is the total lack of creativity in men’s dress shoes in the U.S. The same staid styles from the same few brands appears in department stores every season, and so far, Americans haven’t demanded more, unfortunately. Not only should guys who already care about shoes consider us a legitimate contender to traditional luxury brands, but we are constantly trying to educate the guy who doesn’t yet care about his shoes as to how far an investment in his footwear will increase returns across his entire wardrobe (can you tell we used to work in finance?).

    Their winners
    The Martin wholecut oxford in Marrone. Elegance through simplicity.

    Their faves
    We did some suede hassle loafers dubbed the Chaplin, in gun metal, black, navy and brown. They looked amazing in pictures and got a ton of attention when we did pop ups shops, but they just didn’t fly off the shelves. They might have been a little too out there for the average guy. We are determined to bring them back at some point.

    Their bedding
    Thread Experiment's Fall Herringbone goes well with the distressed wood furniture in Ben’s East Village studio. Bachelor pro tip: all the small lines hide small… blemishes.

    Their plug
    Check out their current line at www.paulevansny.com.

  • Hook and Albert

    August 31, 2015

    Their Intro

    Co-founders Adam Schoenberg and Cory Rosenberg were, and continue to be, inspired by the legacy of men’s fashion, which is why they founded Hook & Albert, a handsome - and intelligent - line of men’s accessories. 

    What truly distinguishes Hook & Albert is the brand’s attention to detail and product innovation. The brand offers head-to-toe solutions for any man eager to step up his style and stand out amongst the rest. There’s a sleek thoughtfulness of each item that appeals to the minimalists. Color and quirkiness that appeals to the tastemakers. An inventiveness that appeals to the forward-thinkers.

    Their Inspiration

    We are inspired by fit, function, fashion, and the “wow” factor. Everything we do from a design perspective is done looking through the windshield, never by looking in the rearview mirror. We love innovating, inventing, and all things awesome. 

    Their Winners

    Our Garment Weekender Bag is by far one of our favorite pieces, as it solves a problem for us. As “sprint” travelers, it allows us to pack everything into one, sexy ass bag. 

    Their Faves

    Did you know your feet have over 250,000 sweat glands? We did, which is why our line of athletic inspired dress socks are our go to item. The Peruvian Pima cotton, along with arch support band, make being on your feet all day enjoyable. 


    Their Bedding

    Cory – Being married, I needed something that my wife also enjoys tucking herself into, which is why The Shugar is on our bed. 

    Adam – We have an ultra modern weekend house. My favorite room in the house is the guest suite, where the Watchdogs comforter is the focal point. We build the room around the bedding. 

    Their Plug

    There is a reason celebrities and today’s top brands tap this duo for collaborations….Check out their new collection at www.hookandalbert.com.

  • Würkin Stiffs

    July 31, 2015

    His Intro

    Featured on Season 2 of Shark Tank, Würkin Stiffs started from an idea of buttoning down collars that do not have buttons. Instantly, while getting dressed in the mirror, designer Jonathan Boos, invented the patented Magnetic Collar Stay. Not only does it solve a widespread collar epidemic (literally), they take shirt collars from looking like they were out of the 70’s, and make them adjustable and manageable for today's Modern Man.

    His Inspiration

    "I'm inspired by smart packaging in which makes you feel guilty if you throw it away. For men, it's the little things that make products great and a brand unforgettable."

    His Winners

    Our Power Stays (magnetic collar stays) are the most popular and were my first product I designed and invented for the brand.

    His Faves

    "Our RFID Leather Wallets have really exploded. They're an Italian leather, beautifully french-seamed constructed, and truly last the test of time. We get rave reviews on our wallets with men come back buying more than one style. Oh, by the way, they protect your identity from digital hi-jackers too!"


    His Bedding

    I'm married... So, I frolic in shabby-chic, fru-fru bedding in which questions my masculinity (and, I need all I can get). I  love Thread Experiment's Spark bedding. Then, I may muster up the Tarzan Cry in the bedroom, instead of actually crying.

    His Plug

    Check out Würkin Stiffs current line of products at www.wurkinstiffs.com

  • LZZR Jewelry

    Their Intro

    LZZR is a handmade jewelry company, specializing in unisex jewelry made from sustainable materials. LZZR launched its first collection in November of 2013.

    Their inspiration

    "Architecture is by far our greatest design influence. We love anything that is linear or geometric."

    Their Winners

    "Our tie clips are a big hit recently. Our favorite is the new Print Tie Clip."

    LZZR_TIE_002_007 copy

    Their Personal Faves

    "The Medium Reck Necklace. People love it, but barely ever buy it."

    Their Designers They Admire

    "Lanvin is just so incredible, and Alber Elbaz is a genius. I also really love Public School. Those guys are super inventive."

    Their Bedding

    "We have our eyes on Thread Experiment's Ivory Tooth and the ABQ. Love the double-sided look!"

    Their Plug

    Check out LZZR Jewelry's current line at www.lzzrjewelry.com

  • The Motley

    June 22, 2015

    Their Intro

    These two (Madison and Matt) may not have the financial backing that some of the big grooming brands do, but The Motley is still the premier destination for superior men’s grooming. And that's some unbiased love from ThreadEx.

    The Motley launched in 2010 and now offers a range of products in the skincare, hair styling, shaving and fragrance categories that they've curated as the best available in men’s grooming. 

    Their Inspiration

    "Our biggest creative inspiration comes from the men around us who are following their own passions in the arts, business, humanitarian efforts, etc. Our goal is to provide these guys with high quality products that simplify their routine so they can go on doing the things that make them inspiring while looking their best at the same time."

    Their Winners

    "Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy is our best selling item on the site. It’s a heavy-duty, moisture-intensive hand/body cream that’s also all-natural and fragrance free."

    Their Personal Faves
    "Le Labo Santal 26 Candle is an item that we love but is on the pricier side for most" customers. However once you’ve smelled a burning Santal 26 candle, it’s easy to get hooked.

    Their Bedding

    Madison: "I typically buy 100% organic cotton sheets and I like having a woven Mexican blanket for a throw."
    Matt: "I like to keep my bedding simple, usually white. I definitely find solids to be more calming than patterns." 

    Their Plug

    Check out The Motley's current line of products at www.themotley.com.

  • David Hart

    May 20, 2015

    His Intro

    He may be the most talented and revered designer you haven't heard of. And we're honored to have him as our first ever Find.

    David Hart debuted his inaugural neckwear collection back in 2009. Almost immediately, industry insiders and the media lauded this guy for his authentically unique vintage-inspired designs. Inevitably, David expanded into a full line of men's accessories and sportswear (with a focus on tailored garments).

    All three of us here at Thread Experiment call David a friend.  So we shot over some questions to help you realize the guy is a complete Find.

    His Inspiration

    "My biggest inspiration is historical references; I've always found inspiration in old family photographs and images of how people dressed in the past.  The challenge is updating that for the modern man and his evolving needs.

    His Winners

    "My best-selling items are our horizontal striped ties made of shantung silk." [pictured below]


    His Personal Faves

    "My favorite items are our black tie options and tuxedos. I think we are in an era where men don't want to rent bad tuxedos anymore, and they need something classic that will last."

    His Bedding

    "I always sleep on natural bedding; it has to be 100% cotton or linen.  I've also been very into woven wool throws lately; especially graphic ones."

    His (Most Recent) Accomplishment

    In 2015, GQ named David Hart as one of the Best New Menswear Designers.

    His Plug

    Check out David's current line of menswear at www.davidhartnyc.com.